Towards Open, Programmable, and Software Defined DataCenter Networks

Description Recently, DataCenter Networks (DataNetworks) projects have attracted a lot of attention as a research topic. Many innovative designs have been proposed to interconnect servers in DataCenters by building high performance networks based on commodity devices. However, all of these DCN projects need specialized routing engines because of the use of specific routing algorithms for different application types. To meet specific DCN requirements, each project uses a special routing scheme, either by reusing existing headers or even introducing a new middle tier (Layer 2.5) with its own headers. Thus, conventional packet switching devices, such as Ethernet switches and IP routers, are not able to support these requirements without being modified in their hardware and software. Our proposal builds on the concept of Software Defined Networks (SDN) to develop an approach called FlexForward to allow the deployment and scheduling of routing mechanisms in the SDN data plane. This approach opens the perspective of research and prototyping of new programmable DCN structures to contribute to the state of the art in three aspects: (i) extending the closed and closed routing model by OpenFlow, offering programmable building blocks in the routing machine ( (ii) greater decoupling between the data plane and control in which the core elements do not store stateless states; and (iii) high-performance, open-core kernel switches designed to forward packets without query to table tables ).

  • Alextian Bartholomeu Liberato
  • Magnos Martinello
  • Rodolfo da Silva Villaça
Funding:Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico - CNPq