Interconnection in Data Centers: New Topological and Technological Solutions

Description Recently, data center networks (DCN) projects have attracted a lot of attention as a research topic. Many innovative projects have been proposed to interconnect servers in Datacenters, building high performance networks that use the servers themselves for the storage, processing and routing of packets on the network. DataCenters rely on complex communication structures between servers. The data transport architecture of these structures must be as economical as possible and be prepared not only in terms of information carrying capacity but also in reconfiguration agility to better accommodate changes in demand and migration of virtual services and their survival characteristics to failures. The present project aims to analyze the contribution of fiber-wireless hybrid systems in the datacenter environment, in particular in new architectures known as server-centric, aiming at scalability and economy using the servers themselves actively in routing and routing traffic.

Funding:Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Espírito Santo - FAPES